Online Dating Profile Examples for Men

Profile Examples for Male

Experts suggest that women have short attention spans when reading online dating profiles. You have about 30 seconds to capture their attention and should make the effort to write a catchy headline.

Telling it Like it is

I won’t bore you with what a wonderful good catch I am. You’ve been bored by many male profiles or you wouldn’t be reading mine now.

Instead, I’ll start with regular stuff like the way I do spontaneous things. For instance, the time I jumped into my car and started driving. Ended up 500 miles later in Waco, Texas! Enjoyed a huge pancake breakfast and drove back home.

Sad movies make me cry, so would you keep a supply of tissues in your purse when we watch chick flicks? I have no patience with cardboard people. You know – the kind with a phony smile who agrees with everything anybody says.

I totally love blue. Once, I bought 15 blue shirts in case the store quit stocking that brand.

Did you ever do something dumb like that?

How about you?

Mostly you’re happy. You can spell and define words. You’re curious about life. You adore stargazing without a telescope and driving down a new road just to see where it ends. Everything else we can make up as we go along.

This is a delightfully interactive online profile. He interjects a couple of questions, so that the woman reader can envision the two of them, as if they were sitting at a table, just getting to know each other.